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About Denise J Brown:


I am a retired teacher, now devoting time to my first love the Thoroughbred in Equine art …while still learning new mediums and skills to develop original one-of-a-kind pieces.  For years I would call myself a hobbyist artist, as life's responsibilities took priority, but now I have the time to produce quality professional original works of art.  My focus is primarily Equine Art , especially the Thoroughbred, which is my passion, but I have done other breeds and subjects as well. 

I began as a child drawing horses, admiring the work of C W Anderson---well known for his etchings of famous Thoroughbreds, along with his many published books.   This also began my love of the Thoroughbred horse.  especially in racing.  As I progressed my High School teacher encouraged me to continue to study horse anatomy, but primarily focusing on  the Thoroughbred breed.


As an adult I was privileged to receive a scholarship to one of the first workshops from the American Academy of Equine Art , with the late Else Tuckerman. I further have taken workshops with Sam Savitt  an accomplished published illustrator and a founding member of AAEA and another workshop with James Crow.  June, 2021. I took a workshop under the direction of former AAEA President Booth Malone. In the world of Equine Art there is always something to learn. And I look forward to taking additional workshops from AAEA, who's ideals I strive to achieve producing professional, quality Equine Art.  


I finally entered the Academy's 2020 juried show and was accepted with my piece called "Saratoga Head Study",  which was also nominated for the Else Tuckerman Award.  This piece can be seen on the AAEA website, along with a few other pieces of mine. My other accomplishments can now be seen on the Accomplishment page.


Original pieces are available from this website, or you can contact me by email at  


 10% of all sales are donated to St. Jude's Hospital for Children.


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