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Colored Pencil & Graphite

finished cropped.JPG
race horse 11.jpg

8.5" x 7" "In Hand"-

Canadian Horse of the Year Pink Lloyd---available $275--

 9.5"x 7.5"- "Clydsdale"

-available $325--

jumper edited 1.jpg
scan 1.jpg

 5" x 4.5"- "Eye & Leather---private collection.

 7"x10" "Gray Jumper" -available $375----

saratoga head study, denise brown.jpg

 8" x 10"-"Saratoga Head Study"----available $775--

d s finished.jpg

5" x 7" "Dressage Step" available for $425---

  • Graphite used is .7mm mechanical pencil---Colored Pencils used: Polychromes, Pablos and Luminance--

  • For Colored Pencil or Graphite work not framed I recommend archival double matting, framed with glass or plexiglass. 

  • Shipping of Artwork is extra, based on buyers zip code----

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